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IT and Telecom Services


At CDS, we are professionals searching for professionals. CDS Professional Solutions was created to meet the ever-changing needs of our client partners. As professional positions in Information Technology and Telecom evolve, so does the approach we take. Because these fields are highly-specialized, extra care and extensive research is necessary when qualifying candidates for these roles in the modern workplace.

Today, many professional positions are highly specialized and highly technical. Our professional recruitment team is always looking to target and deliver the most highly qualified individuals who will make an immediate and lasting positive impact for your company.

At CDS, staffing is our business…staffing in-house can consume a great deal of time and resources. In addition to providing your company with highly skilled professionals, CDS Professional Solutions will also save your company money by minimizing the cost of your human capital expenditures.

Unlike many other staffing agencies, CDS Professional Solutions understands the diverse specialized field of work. We are able to pinpoint the precise needs and experience that you are seeking and match that with the individual’s skills and expertise creating the optimum opportunity for a strong career placement fit for both.

Control IT Spending:

Human capital is often the largest expense that a company faces; and high markups from IT staffing firms greatly inflate those costs. This magnified cost often wastes money that should be redirected to attracting and retaining new customers, as well as expanding new customer relationships. CDS Professional Solutions will bridge the gap between the high markups of staffing agencies and an in-house approach that can consume and deplete resources and time. Recruiting specialized and talented people takes expertise and that is what we do every day at CDS….staffing is our business.

CDS Professional Solutions will give your organization a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We accomplish this by first eliminating the escalated fees that staffing agencies charge you. As a proactive employment solutions company, we utilize the latest technology coupled with 24X7X365 recruiting capability to streamline the process for maximum responsiveness to your needs.

The CDS Competitive Advantage

The CDS competitive advantage in the marketplace begins and ends with getting and keeping the right people. We believe for a business to achieve the results associated with a competitive advantage it needs the right people consistently doing the right things in the right way and for the right reasons. CDS will help your company pass the competitive advantage threshold by attracting and retaining great people. We do this by providing world class benefits and investment strategies that perpetuates success and rewards performance.

Having CDS as strategic partner will eliminate a great deal of the risk and downtime while maximizing your investment in IT Spend. Bringing value to your Business is our bottom-line.

For a Better Way contact CDS for a Professional Solution.