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Welcome to cds

Welcome to cds
HR outsourcing with CDS offers an exceptional level of expertise to manage your workforce and can cut costs by saving you money compared to expensive Payroll companies. CDS will seamlessly handle some or all of your business’s HR functions. You can outsource your company’s payroll processing, employee benefits administration, talent acquisition and more. CDS does not use the co-employer model, which means greater flexibility and cost savings for your organization.
The CDS Advantage
  • CDS saves you money. CDS saves you money compared to typical Payroll companies that present you with complex billing and hidden fees. Also, compared to hiring a full-time HR person or a staff, CDS will save your company thousands of dollars each year.
  • CDS saves you time. When you hire CDS, the employees who previously handled those responsibilities will have more time for their main tasks. As a result, your company’s productivity and efficiency will increase.
Why you should outsource your HR to CDS
By obtaining HR services from CDS you will be receiving qualified HR Specialists’ who are capable of getting the job done while saving you manpower, money and time. It enables your company to focus on HR activities with the most strategic value, instead of becoming tangled up in the busy work including regularly routine tasks of payroll, taxes, and benefits administration. Choosing CDS will allow your company to avoid heavy workloads and legal headaches, and instead focus on your company's roles and responsibilities.