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Government Services

Government Services

As many local and state governments across the U.S. face steep budget deficits, CDS Outsourcing is dedicated in providing an employment solution that drastically lowers your cost on current and future employees. Our solution will also streamline essential administrative business functions allowing you to focus on making your organization effective in meeting the vital service needs of the tax-payer.

By offering an integrated cost-effective solution, we provide significant value to your organization in two ways: First, we will significantly start to lower your post employment costs by eliminating all future obligations related to defined benefit plans and retiree medical programs since the cost of providing these legacy benefits for current and future retirees is significant. These costs eat up a large percentage of most budgets and create excess bond debt for their obligations. Second, we lower your current employee cost through our
co-employment relationship with you.

CDS acts as the administrative employer and your organization maintains control over your employees and daily operations. From our OneSource solution you can customize a benefit package that mirrors what you currently have or allows you to choose from a cafeteria of benefits that works best for your organization. One of the many benefits of our OneSource Solution is that CDS will do all recruiting at your request. When you become a CDS client, this expertise will allow you to focus more of your time doing what you do best: keeping your organization a valuable service to the